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Netflix marketing Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Identifying netflix successful marketing strategies


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Netflix Marketing
Netflix is a world leader in instant television and movie streaming services worldwide. The company was established in 1997 as a DVD rental service provider but gradually migrated its services to the online platform. While most businesses use the term streamlining operations to increase efficiency and quality production, Netflix adopted the term streaming to make content readily available to its client base. The business promised its clients to make movie viewership an enjoyable experience by making it easy to access a wide variety of content. Netflix brands itself as a streaming service provider, offering T.V. and movie viewers an unrivaled experience across multiple platforms.
Brand Identity
The Positioning Model
Companies must establish themselves based on the products and services offered to their clients. According to Nandan (2005), the term brand identity reflects a company-originated profile that involves a firm producing products with unique features. Netflix differentiates itself in the market by providing a platform where customers can view their preferred television programs and movies. The company identifies itself as a unique story-telling arena that lets its customers develop a bond and recall the Netflix brand experience.

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