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Aurora Textile Company Analysis Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


To analyze Aurora Textile Company's performance to determine the best option for the organization to overcome economic DOWNTIME.


Aurora Textile Analysis
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Aurora Textile Analysis
The textile and apparel industry has faced a lot of challenges over the years globally. The sector heavily depends on agriculture for raw materials. Unfortunately, the abrupt climatic changes associated with global warming and other weather-related complications have interfered with the successful production of farm products, and subsequently the triumph of the textile industry. The sector has also suffered immensely in the United States as a result of globalization as domestic production in different parts of the world increases causing a shrink in textile export from the region (Freund et al., 2018). Between 1999-2005, the economic stability of the apparel sector deteriorated in the United States leading many manufacturers to move their operations to Asia where the cost of production was lower (Aurora, 2020). The leadership of Aurora Textile Company did not want to move its operations overseas and, as a result, the company faced many financial challenges. Aurora Textile can achieve a higher value through the modernization of its spinning machines to create better yarns which will have a higher demand locally and internationally.

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