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Project Execution and Control Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task is about change management: Why is change management a necessary component of project management? Consider the given case
study, critically analyse and identify key issues that could lead to any necessary changes in the project.
What processes or strategies do you think would work best to perform the identified change requests
from the case study?


Project Execution and Control
Executive Summary
Our report provides an assessment of the management of process of the myki project.
A brief introduction into the definition of a process management is provided. Our focus being on the myki project, the relation between the project and changes within it that have influenced its operation and how the management of the changes can be undertaken.
Change Assessment and Analysis
The changes that occurred within the myki case study are outlined herein. Brief assessment of the changes that occurred, how they were managed and recommended paths under which they would be undertaken have been stated.
Process in Request Submission
The change process has been analyzed and provided in this section. The various steps that can be incorporated to facilitate changes are suggested herein with respect to our case study on the myki project.
Control Form
The changes that occurred within the myki project passed through assessment before being implemented. This section provides a template of a change management form, and detailing the change process within the myki project.
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc54446688 \h 21Introduction PAGEREF _Toc54446689 \h 41.1Overview PAGEREF _Toc54446690 \h 41.2Purpose of the report PAGEREF _Toc54446691 \h 42Changes Assessment and Analysis PAGEREF _Toc54446692 \h 53Processes in Request Submission PAGEREF _Toc54446693 \h 73.1Change request submittal PAGEREF _Toc54446694 \h 73.2Change request tracking PAGEREF _Toc54446695 \h 73.3Change request review PAGEREF _Toc54446696 \h 73.4Change request disposition PAGEREF _Toc54446697 \h 74Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc54446698 \h 85References PAGEREF _Toc54446699 \h 96Appendix PAGEREF _Toc54446700 \h 106.1Control Form PAGEREF _Toc54446701 \h 10
The life time of a project often encounters challenges that often demand a shift from the pre-planned needs. The flexibility under which change occurs depends upon the, laid out change plan during the initial phase of the project. Projects are built upon laid out strategies, their progress depends upon the continuous collaboration from the members of the project team as well as external observers and they are bound to engage in changes. The management of the changes should be conducted in a manner that maintains the objective of the project while maintaining the collaborative nature and appreciation for adjustments along the way.
Purpose of the report
The project at hand sought to fulfil the myki ticketing system, a complex smartcard payment method that incorporated smartcard reading devices supported by a host of systems. The projected goal was to provide the seamless payment and operation of the transport system. However, the project had a setback from the start, since it was a new system that needed to be adopted by the uses and most importantly, its complexity challenged its implementation. Herein, the challenges the project faced are identified and their influence on the projects are analyzed. The change control process for the myki project is detailed and the associated risks for the changes are pointed out. Proposals on better project management strategies to counter the project changes are recommended.
Changes Assessment and Analysis
Project management entails the application of process which can be placed under the phases of initiation, planning, execution, continuous monitoring and checking of controlled procedures and if the project meet its specified goal, it winds. The planned schedule period under which the project would be undertaken was clearly under estimated. The fact that the project was the first and of a kind would have not warranted the under estimation even with putting a consideration on the complexity. Previous and existing projects time frame were undertaken under twice the schedule time. The end of the earlier specified scheduled would have created a need for change within the project.

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