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Lance Armstrong Harms Nike Corporation Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


This task was about marketing and legal matters related to it. lance armstrong is a professional cyclist who used to be a brand AMBASSADOR of Nike corporation and could advertise the products of the company. With time, the anti-doping agency in the usa realized that he had been doping UNNOTICED for years. this meant the success he had REGISTERED in cycling INDUSTRY was null and void. It also meant Nike CORPORATION had SPONSORED a criminal and law breaker. the company stood to lose loyal customers and suppliers as a result. Given that Armstrong refused to accept the allegations, the company terminated his tender but did not punish him farther.


Lance Armstrong Harms Nike Corporation
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Lance Armstrong Harms Nike Corporation
Lance Edward Armstrong was born in 1971 as Lance Edward Gunderson. He is an American citizen and a former professional racing cyclist; whose fame rose after he won seven consecutive Tour de France races from 1999 to 2005. However, the media knows the motorist for embarrassing and harming Nike Company through doping. Below is a detailed analysis of how he failed the revered company.
When Lance Armstrong proved that he was a pro in the racing arena, Nike Corporation sponsored him to continue practicing the game and competing with his opponents. Meanwhile, he was to be instrumental in advertising the products and events of the company. After making seven consecutive wins, the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) realized that the champion operated complex doping rings that went unnoticed for years (Fox & Isidore, 2012). The sponsor claimed that it acknowledged the presented evidence that all the wins Armstrong had achieved were “drug cheats.” Nike Corporation also claimed that it could not stomach the use of illegal drugs, and thus Armstrong was wrong and had no authority to continue representing the company in any domain.

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