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Evaluation And Re-design Of Organizational Structures (Essay Sample)


the task was about discussing the objective of Evaluation and re-design of organizational structures


Evaluation and re-design of organizational structures
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Organization structure is defined as the way work in an organization flows and the process of decision making (Sidel, 2019). There are various organization structures from which an organization may choose from. A suitable selection of organizational structure enables an organization to make a perfect fit into economic realities without fading its core capabilities and competitive edge.
Vertical organization structure is a traditional design where power stems from the top organ of the organization and flows to the bottom. The chain of command is well defined and the decisions made in the organization flow from the top through various layers and finally to the bottom level. The lower cadre in the organization has the least say when it comes to decision making (Sidel, 2019). This organizational structure has been in place for many years.
Organizational structure (horizontal) is a modern design where employees in an organization are given authority to make decisions in their areas of operations or departments (Sidel, 2019). The structure discourages micromanagement of activities that are carried out in a department. Modern businesses use this model to tap the creativity of the diverse employees in the organization. Traditional organizations that had established business globally, are shifting from a vertical structure to a horizontal.

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