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Supply-Side Policies Affect Market Productivity During the Recession? (Essay Sample)


For this paper, you will identify one major economic issue that affects communities, consumers, producers, or suppliers from a macroeconomic perspective. You will need to identify at least three to five peer-reviewed (scholarly or technical) sources (other than textbooks) to support your work. In this paper, you will have to discuss the technical details associated with the problem as well as a fairly deep technical discussion of the economic concepts or theories that are associated with the issue. Finally, you will summarize what you learned (again, be very specific) and offer possible economic solutions (based on course concepts). This will be a fully developed, APA 7th or MLA 8th paper.
The components (in order please) are to be used to divide up the project and should serve as section headings:
Cover Page (for papers in APA 6th format)
Introduction to the Problem
Discussion and Analysis of Key Economic Concepts and Theories
Solutions to the Issue (and supported by validating peer-reviewed [scholarly or technical] sources
References (APA 7th)


How Do Supply-Side Policies Affect Market Productivity During the Recession?
Professor Name
How Do Supply-Side Policies Affect Market Productivity during the Recession?
Economic recessions are particularly troubling times for economies where growth is halted, incomes are lost, and households fail to afford products and services. A recession can be described as a tipping point in the economic cycle where an ongoing growth at the peak reverses and changes into an enduring market contraction (Amadeo, 2020). In other words, a recession represents a significant decline in the economic activity which lasts several months and is usually reflected through the changes in the real income, gross domestic product (GDP), and wholesale and retail prices among others. The governments make efforts to help the country in this situation, often through the use of various policies. In this case, the supply-side policies and their implications on market productivity are considered. These policies focus on aspects such as taxes, government benefits, and labor regulations
Research has presented a divided opinion on the questions of whether the supply-side policies are the best solutions to help a country out of recession. In history, there are cases in which these policies worked, for example, Germany and the USA, and other cases where they were considered a failure, for example, France. However, it can be argued that the success of these policies depends on whether or not the extent to which the traditional Keynesian models are used and other factors such as inflation come into play to support the supply-side policies. This paper examines the effect of supply-side policies and market productivity during a recession. An argument that these policies are inadequate will be examined and solutions will be recommended.

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