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Ethics And Social Responsibility Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was to Choose a corporation then discuss the importance of ethics and social responsibility in relation to the chosen corporation.


Ethics and Social Responsibility
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Choose a corporation then discuss the importance of ethics and social responsibility in relation to the chosen corporation.
Ethics and social responsibility have become part and parcel of business organizations in today's environment. The society in which the business organization operates has become sensitive when it comes to the issue of morals. Corporations that go against the morals they are expected to uphold, business is usually met with resistance from society (Hill, 2019). The society can boycott buying goods or services offered by the organization or they may demonstrate against the corporation. The boycott and demonstrations from the society disrupt the smooth running of the business. This is not good for any business.
Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate based in South Korea. The headquarters of the corporation is Samsung Town in Seoul. The corporation was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in the year 1938. Over the years, the corporation has grown from a small business entity to the current giant corporation. During the early years, Samsung engaged businesses in textiles, food processing, retail, insurance, and security. The corporation entered into electronics business in the late 1960s. It is in this niche that the corporation has thrived and has made a brand globally. Some of the electronic products the company produces include; televisions, home theaters, mobile phones, refrigerators, computers among others (Samsung Group, 2020).

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