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Environmental Scan of, Inc. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to conduct an environmental scan and industry analysis on a company and identify how external and industry environmental factors impact the operational and competitive landscapes of your corporation.


Environmental Scan of, Inc.
Professor’s Name:
Environmental scanning involves the analysis of the external and internal factors that affect the overall performance within an organization. The environment with which an organization carries out its activities usually impacts the decision making process of the organization, with many organizations often investing in the analysis process of its environment., Inc. is a US based with its offices in Seattle, Washington. Its operations are grouped into the North America, International and Amazon Web Services segments that forms the basis of their operations. Its online and physical stores facilitate the delivery of its e-commerce, book publishing and other products to its wide customer base.
Sectors of External Environment
Amazon Inc. provides a simple, effective way for which its customers are able to purchase products and have them delivered wherever needed. The products may be sold by Amazon or other third parties of whom Amazon provides a platform to sell the products. The corporation also does provide streaming services of digital content under its Amazon prime membership.

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