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Analysis of personal and organization ethics (Essay Sample)


Analysis of personal and organization ethics and values between for profit and not for profit organizations


Analysis of personal and organization ethics and values between for profit and not for profit organizations
Submitted by: Paul Kent
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation associate itself with poverty, healthcare and the education sectors that are critical for any developing country. Nonetheless, Bill and Melinda Gates is a non–profit organization that was founded in 1994, and has its headquarters based in Seattle, Washington. It was formerly known as William H. Foundation. Over time, the foundation saw a change of its name in 2000, to what is known as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Like most philanthropic organizations and foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gives away an estimated 5% of its worth every year so as to avoid tax payment. Consequently, the foundation granted an estimated $1.4 billion that mainly supported the global health initiatives. As such, the grants were essential in the improvement of social welfare program in the Pacific West, as well as, the improvement of public education in the United States. Additionally, the foundation seeks to offer grants essential for agricultural development, global health and technical education as a whole. The foundation invests the other 95% of its worth, that is managed by Bill Gates Investments. Monica Harrington, a senior policy officer at the foundation asserts that the investment allows for the continued funding of the foundation to the various programs and grant dispersion.
Contrastingly, through the comparison of these investments with the information from for-profit services that seeks to analyze the performances by various cooperates, pension managers, as well as, other government agencies, it was realized that the Gates Foundation has holdings of companies that failed social responsibility tests. This was as a result of environmental lapses, unethical practices and disregard to workers. As evidenced by Calver Group Limited, one of the investment rating services, sanctions 52 of the largest U.S companies sited on market capitalization, however, it flags an additional 48 for contravention against social responsibility. Arguably, Bill Gates, Microsoft cooperation C.E.O and founder, is the lead board chairman, is rated highly for its general business ventures and practices.
The foundation was involved in the introduction of vaccines to the public sector by carrying out a trial vaccination program where 16,000 girls of between ages 10 and 14 in Andhra Pradesh, as well as, Gujarat in India. As such, it was believed that by vaccinating children with HPV (HYPERLINK "/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&ved=0CDQQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2F%2Fmedlineplus%2Fdruginfo%2Fmeds%2Fa607016.html&ei=7DmLUvDOCMSU0QXN_4DICQ&usg=AFQjCNGkxBfl4vs5_9p1OpwcuBJ4tD0UDA&bvm=bv.56643336,d.d2k"Human Papillomavirus) vaccine, amidst the dangers posed by the vaccine. Arguably, the foundation, through the vaccination program, was putting the lives of many children in danger as a result of the potentially serious vaccine-related adverse death and reaction.
The process was only discontinued after several women’s organizations reported death among the participants. Some of the participants died, whereas some suffered adverse effects from the vaccination. Additionally, some of the girls developed autoimmune disease that necessitated for a lifelong care. Interestingly, the manufacturers themselves acknowledged the effects that included seizures and paralysis, anaphylactic shock, vascular problems, nervous system problems, the immune system, the blood and lymphatic system, the vascular system, the respiratory system, the musculoskeletal system, and even death. In the PATH project, the adverse results were underreported and hidden. As such, falsified reports were presented by the foundation. The deaths that occurred were stated to have no linkage with the HPV vaccine, and were referred to as death as a result of suicide and insecticide poisoning, among others.
In an interview with the petitioner, Kalpana Mehta asserted the gross anomalities in the death related documentation, that indicated a cover up and that the ages of the girls that died had been falsified. The petitioners accused the foundation leaders of falsification of the records and asserted that the research was undertaken without monitoring. Additionally, they were convinced that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) together with the state officials covered up the vaccination initiative.
Legal action
As a result of the cover up, activists Kalpana Mehta and Dr. Rukmini Rao (the president, Gramya Resource Centre for Women in India), along with Nalini Bhanot, on October 29, 2012 filed a writ petit with a Supreme Court in India. A writ petition is a kind of document filed to the Supreme Court that comprises a preface to the issue at hand and a description as to why the petition is required as a means of avoiding harm. Certainly, the explanation was sustained with contention, as well as a memorandum of the issue presented to the court. The petition was filed under the Article 32 of the Constitution of India for Women, and it was filed against:
Indian Council of Medical Research
India’s drug Controller General of India
State of Andhara Pradesh
State of Gujarat.
MSD Pharmaceuticals Private Limited
GlaxoSmithKline Asia Private Limited
The petition outlined a sequence of accusations that regarded the HPV vaccine Gardasil and cervarix. Per se, the petitioners reported that the two HPV vaccines were brought into the Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat state unlawfully. Consequently, the unsafe vaccine was administered to the young children; yet, the drug had not been approved for human medical use. The petitioners told the court despite the fact that the Indian government as well as the organization was well aware of the dubious value and the speculative benefits of the drug. The accused continued with the use of the trial drug with regard of the potential endangerment of the adolescent girls. Consequently, the petitioners outlined how the named organization vaccinated tens of thousands of the vulnerable girls without educating them of the adverse reaction that was posed by the use of the drug. The foundation did not schedule follow up examination to ascertain its use.
Conflict of interest
The Indian Citizens have a right to be concerned with the practice of the foundation that deemed assertive in vaccinating the children. It appears that the Indian government officials have fallen prey to conspiracy of international agencies as well as non-governmental organizations; this comprised of PATH, WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As a result of the vaccination, the government appointed an inquiry committee that found misconduct with its consent process. Indian Laws provide a compensation for violation of the informed consent procedure in addition to the compensation that is provided for death and injury experienced by the trial subjects. Surprisingly, two years following the deaths, the Indian government failed to act on its own inquiry. The committee noted that a free vaccine from the project was mired in conflict of interest.
Infertility concerns
By this time, an estimated 24,000 girls had already undertaken the vaccination from the foundation. The petitioners asserted that the young women were coerced into the vaccination program. On the other hand, the parents to the children were reassured without scientific basis that the HPV vaccination would not affect their children fertility. The petitioners emphasized that there was alarming news in menopause of Australian 16 year old girls, where the doctors found the presence of Gardasil to be the cause of this mishap.
Conclusively, there has not been any evidence to support the fact that the organization, undertaking with the vaccination, was ever concerned on follow up and/or addressing the aftermath of the procedure. Undeterred by the government’s silence and WHO pronouncements, the petitioners strongly recommended the court to cancel the license for Gardasil and Cervarix until full safety and research were done. Their posture resonates with the Indian parliamentary Standing committee on Health and Family Welfare that the drug regulations favor the pharmaceuticals company. Walt Disney
Walt Disney, the filmmaker, first established the Disney theme park and later was unwilling to establish another park. Nonetheless, his involvement in building attractions in the 1964 New York World’s Fair was instrumental in shaping the construction of the Walt Disney World. This was influenced by the new technological innovations that were vital in planning to build resorts, roads, administration buildings and other attractions.
In 1965, Disney’s company bought 27, 443 acres of land in Central Florida, in an area between Orange and Osceola Counties with the intention of building Disney Park. Planning for construction took several years to a culmination that the theme park would be built in two phases.
Walt Disney World and Disneyland are both theme parks attributed to the film marker Walt Disney. Disney Park, originally known as the Disneyland, was established in 1955 in California while Walt Disney World also known as Disney World, was established in 1971 in Lake Buena, Florida.
The early 2000’s saw a decline in performance of the Walt Disney Company. Nonetheless, by 2003, analysts doubted whether the acting CEO, Michael Eisner, was fit to run the company based on his decision-making practices. As such, the CEO wanted hands on approach in the running of the company’s business. He kept a tight reign on his managers pertaining the company’s business. Analysts criticized Esiter’s succession plan that had not been laid out, despite his...
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