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Value Proposition (Essay Sample)


write the value proposition for the attached paper the thing that are unique about this project that is entrepreneurship but for profit


Value Proposition
For the willing donors and volunteers, the refugee integration programs that we propose will a common humanitarian problem more effectively than other programs. The main discerning factor with our model is that it is focused on empowerment through entrepreneurship. Our mission will be to facilitate the integration of refugees into the Canadian society without allowing them to become a burden to the government or society.
By participating, our sponsors will primarily be donating willingly to a worthy cause. Brooks (2005) contends that charitable causes hold value for those willing to donate. There are more than 42 million refugees globally and more than 200 million illegal immigrants. The problem of refugees does not seem to reduce despite the hundreds of humanitarian efforts led by international non-governmental organizations including Red Cross and the United Nations (Barnes, 2005). Most of the aid donations are usually spent abroad and the donors have not accessible way of assessing the impact of their monies. This project will be conducted in started in St. John, Canada where will address a local problem. Our donors will have access to our accounting books and they will be able to evaluate our performance at every opportunity. Only after we have successfully integrated the refugees in Canada will we take our integration model to Africa and Asia.
Secondly, we are proposing a systematic self-empowerment process that has financial independence as one of the mail goals. Our donors will be able to facilitate the setting up of the Happy Children's home, which will be an invaluable resource center for refugee families. The home will become a center of education, empowerment, and eventually integration. In essence, our donors will be not be giving refugees “fish” but will be “teaching them how to fish” (Barnes, Blake & Pinder, 2009, p 12).
The programs at the home will impart invaluable language skills to the refuges to facilitate communication. We will also engage them in practical skills classes to give equip them with the ability to earn an income on their own. Furthermore, we will facilitate societal acceptance through numerous socio- cultural events that will give the refuges an opportunity to highlight their culture while learning from their hosts. Lastly, the program will invest in the education of refugees' children and youths because we believe that education can empower refugees in shorter time that direct donations can achieve (Saul, 2011). We theorize that through education, it would be possible to integrate the current refugee population in one generation.
The biggest value in our project is the satisfaction that will come from seeing positive changes in the lives of the refugees who live among us. As human beings, our greatest rewards lie in our ability to alleviate pain and suffering (Brooks, 2005; Barnes, Blake & Pinder, 2005). By participating in this project, our sponsors and volunteers will be contributing significantly to the improvement of the lives of refugees living in Canada. Moreover, the initial contributions will be used, as “seed money” to that will grow into a self-sustaining fund for the refugees. This project is built on the assumption that refuges can reestablish their live...
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