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Advancement of Technologies and Personal Safety (Essay Sample)


The paper discussed the significance of technologies inthe workplaces.
It discusses the technological innovations and usage in various activities within organizations in performing various tasks.
Besides, it discusses the safety precautions and guidelines entailed in implementing the technology while performing the said tasks.


Technologies and Personal Safety
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Technologies and Personal Safety
Currently, workplaces have advanced in manners of operations following the rapid and magnificent continuing advancement of technology. Technology has evolved to levels that have enabled more efficiency and efficacy in all institutions. It serves most of the most relied-upon parts of society, including education, health, and industrial sectors of life. Individuals can reliably communicate through phone calls, text messages, and emails regardless of their distance apart. Transportation of goods and services delivery has been made easier by introducing fast-moving automobiles, computing services, robotic machinery, drones, to mention a few.
Eldridge (2017) points that inventions in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ergonomic technologies have aided safety in the workplace. PPEs like eyewear, headgears, and hand gears have ensured worker safety against any injuries. According to Eldridge (2017), the improvements “create a more comfortable and fully-protected solution for workers who wear both.” The ergonomic aspects of improvement have enhanced safety from any ergonomic injuries in the workplaces.
While we praise the advantages of technology, it goes without failing to acknowledge the disadvantages of the said advancements. Accidents, loss of lives, and other risky situations occur in the presence of the said technologies. For example, using mobile phones while driving may lead to road accidents and perhaps loss of lives. Technology has impacted the health aspects of its users through issues like digital eye strain, sleep disorders, mental health, and inac

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