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How Awareness Campaigns Around Gender Issues Take Place in Social Media (Essay Sample)


Find a journal article about how awareness campaigns around gender issues occur in social media. You need to give me the link to this journal. Moreover, if you want to research this journal, you need to make a plan that includes these parts:
1. Research question (finalized)
2. Topics/theories in your literature review (either as part of the study or solely a lit review)
3. Group of people/location/site to study (or focus on in the lit review)
4. How you will access them (or be aware / know of them in lit review)
5. How you will collect / record data(If you plan to do the questionnaire, please list the questions)
6. Possible limitations of your exploratory research/literature review
7. Implications of your exploratory research/literature review
8. Anything else that you want to include


How Awareness Campaigns Around Gender Issues Take Place in Social Media
Institution Affiliation
It is worth noting that social media tools such as blogging sites, Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube play a crucial role in awareness campaigns around gender issues. The article “Using social media for the prevention of violence against women" focuses on lessons learned from campaigns carried out on social media to prevent violence against women in three countries: China, India, and Viet Nam. The research question that the article aims to answer is how social media helps in preventing violence against women and gender inequality.
According to this article, the primary prevention of violence against women refers to all efforts of stopping violence before it starts. It centers on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of violence. Among the causes of violence is gender inequality, whereby women are considered inferior to their male counterparts. For a social 

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