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Communications & Media
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Evaluating and Ranking Speaker's Analysis and Delivery (Essay Sample)


this order tested on the various characteristics of communication abilities of three different individuals. Three different links of youtube videos were provided of individuals doing oral presentations before their audienced.
The brief insructions read:
Watch the 3 videos in the module:
Who had better delivery, why?
Who had better analysis, why?
Who had better organization, why?
Rank the 3 speakers 1-being best to 3-being worst. Why this order?


Communication and Media
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Communication and Media
Best Organization
Clay Owen’s speech was well organized. Owen presents his speech in a sequential format making it easy for the audience to understand his message easily. Also, he manages to have a swift transition from one point to the other. According to Remez (2021), a good speaker should be keen when moving from one area of discussion to the other to avoid losing their listeners. 

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