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Is Internet Good or Bad? (Essay Sample)


THe Paper fcuses on the numerous benefits of internet to humanity. The paper indicates that internet has transformed the world into a global village through enhancing fast and efficient communication. The essay is majorly focused on ways in which invention of internet has improved communication. it is evident that people from all walks of life enjoy the availability of internet as they interract remotely via social networks. despite the few shortcomings such as cyber crimes, the essay suggests that the benefits of internet outweigh its disadvantages, terming it as an indispensable tool in the modern world.


Is the Internet Good or Bad?
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Is the Internet Good or Bad?
Since its inception in the 1960s and subsequent popularity in the late 1990s, the internet continues to be a subject of debate. The internet’s aspect of fast widespread communication (positive and negative) is at the center of this exchange. Proponents argue that the information superhighway increases social networking while critics maintain that it decreases ‘real-life’ interactions and affects physical and psychological well-being. Despite concerns that the internet erodes physical, social networking, and its immense psychological and physical benefits, its prowess in online communities’ formation and the development and maintenance of social relationships nullify these fears.
The internet has led to the formation of online communities with the touch of a button. According to

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