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Anorexia:The Role of the Media (Essay Sample)


the instructions were: write about the role of the media in the contribution of the media in anorexia.


Florence Nightingale
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Florence Nightingale
Florence Nightingale was born in 1820 in an Italian city known as Florence and raised in Derbyshire England. When the name Florence Nightingale is mentioned, what comes to mind is her career as a nurse and her struggle for improved health care. Nightingale did a lot more than just become a nurse and realize improved healthcare conditions. Most people are only aware of the popular view of Florence Nightingale as the white-robed guardian angel. First she was a devoted nurse. This is because she assisted soldiers suffering from various diseases in war. Furthermore, she was a contemporary medical creator. On the other hand, she is a bit different from what many people know about her. Namely, she worked in a different manner for something that could have diverse purposes. Also there are numerous points to the actual Florence Nightingale more than what the public knows. These points are what made her become famous.
Firstly, she was stubborn and had a positive drive. Florence Nightingale was born into a well-off family and for that reason her parents did not want her to become a nurse. They did not want her to become a nurse because the occupation at the time was considered a humble one. Despite the circumstances, she began as a researcher who studied and reported about Public Health and Council news. This was a chance in which she could meet up with celebs and establish contacts. In addition, she became a health professional. Her parents took notice of her drive and allowed her to attend nursing school. Finally, she attained her target (Nightingale & Goldie 1987).
Secondly, she was an administrator. Originally referred to as the “The lady with the lamp” by her patients, Florence sought out to fix a variety of nursing system in poor surroundings. She volunteered to go to the battleground to look for soldiers when the Crimea war broke out in the eighteenth century. England’s healthcare system was not at its best at the time when the war broke out. There was no medicine for the wounded, and a lot of the wounded people were dying in unhygienic environment. Consequently, she first did laundry and cleaning chores then set stringent rules before curing the patients. Furthermore, she set up a documentation system that recorded data and prepared laundry and kitchen rooms. She also supervised patients’ hygienic conditions in detail. In other words, she attempted to improve the armed forces healthcare system. As a result, these were the origins of International Red Cross (Nightingale & McDonald 2001).
Finally, she was a revolutionary woman. At the time when Florence worked as a nurse, women were not treated fairly. They were discriminated against. This showed the profundity of social prejudice at the time. For instance, most parents taught language and literature to their children but for a woman to hold a job was regarded as silly and horrible. Consequently, to improve the condition, she started a nursing education program and later on established a nursing school in London. Her actions showed that women could also play central part in the society and also have a say in the improvement of women's social status (Nightingale & Valle&Ig...
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