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Communications & Media
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Communication at Work (Essay Sample)


Communication at Work

Communication at Work
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This is paper which comes with a discussion on communication in the workplace or in a given firm. Different theoretical approaches have been referred which come up with appropriate adoptions and supportive references towards a top performing business organization. The paper thus discusses the strategies that a business could use to ensure that both internal communication with staff and external communication with clients and other organizations are effective. There is also an explanation on what process or processes that can be used to improve communication effectiveness when barriers are have been recognized in the business.
In any workplace, communication is very important as it is what defines the kind of goals which can be adopted in the business or workplace. Communication is usually adopted in ensuring that all the stakeholders and individuals within the work place have been able to relate with one another, and at the same time come up with ways and means through which some of the problems faced in the organization can be addressed. In that case, it should be worth noting that a healthy kind of communication within a given business organization shall be the first approach towards realization of organizational goals. Different theories have thus been adopted within organizational management through which communication can be defined, and be appropriate in ensuring that organizational goals have been realized by the end of it all. The health of any given organization shall thus be defined by the kind of communication which has been put in place within the business or the organization, and this shall be defined the speed with which the greatest of goals shall be realized in the business.
Communication at Work
At the workplace, different theories and adoptions on communication have been discussed which define the kind of engagements within the business, and on how different individuals within the organization shall be willing to relate with one another. To begin with, the very first approach towards a healthy form of communication is to have a human resource management. This kind of management ensures that all individuals within the business have been willing to get involved in the kind of business which have health interaction, and which ensures that the problems and issues raised within the business have been adequately addressed. The first approach towards an effective and healthy form of communication within any business is to have appropriate management, and hence it shall be the great role of the manager to make sure that all the people in the organization have been positively motivated, and this would be appropriate in ensuring that the greatest of gains have been realized in the organization.
Another important theoretical approach is through enhancement of a communication culture within the business. This is a very critical approach which is achieved through strategic planning. This approach entails all engagements by different organizational players to relate positively with one another, and as well adopt new values and structures within the organization which addresses the needs of all stakeholders within the business. In that case, values enhancement within a given organization is very vital towards a good culture of communication in the workplace. Diversity has been noted to be another leading approach which can adequately lead to the realization of positive communication within a given business organization. This would be a very intelligent approach which engages all stakeholders within the business in an appropriate manner and by so doing being able to realize the best of performance within the organization or business.
The manner in which different theoretical adoptions have been encouraged in the business, it shall be possible to have preferred engagements which promote the kind of performance in the business, and such shall be realized through appropriate engagement in which the issues facing the clients and stakeholders end up being addressed in the business organization. As well, it would be possible and necessary to adopt business leadership portfolios and strategies in the organization. This has been known to have a theoretical foundation and ability to lead to the best of development in the business. This adopts the major engagements which have the capability of having different but positive relations within the business, and such would be able to improve performance in the business as well as with the realization of organizational objectives.
Business or organizational relationship with the environment is another dynamic which should be adequately analyzed in any given organization. The surrounding environment shall include the stakeholders, the competitors, the customers, and the public in general. That being the case, the organizational communication should be able to put into consideration all these issues and come up with leading approaches through which the positive kind of engagement shall be realized in the organization. While there has been appreciation of the environment in which the business organization has been carrying its business in, it would be possible to have appropriate communication in the process, and this shall be useful in improving business operations, thus leading to the realization of the greatest of business or organizational goals.
Before there has been the best of development of organizational communication with the external members of the firm, the first thing which should be adequately understood is that the business communication within the firm should first be developed appropriately. This shall be done by ensuring that good ethics and organizational culture ...
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