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Recycle Process of Wastes (Essay Sample)


Topic: Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing Instructions Your assignment in this module is to submit your weeklong Recycling Journal, along with an analysis of your recycling efforts and an examination of the recycling process. Be sure to examine what you have recycled in your chosen week and estimate how many grocery sacks of material you recycled—try to estimate the size. For this assignment, complete the following: Part 1 Review your Recycling Journal for the week you selected. Write a report that covers the next two parts of this assignment. Part 2 Based on what you identified as recyclable in one week and using this data, estimate how much garbage your entire locality or city could prevent sending to the landfill. Include the following: What is the total population of your community? city of irving You may use reliable Internet resources to identify this information. If everyone in your community recycled as much trash as you did for one week, how much garbage could your area recycle? To calculate this number, you can use your number and multiply it by the number of people in your community. How much trash could your community save in a year? To calculate this number, multiply the weekly estimate for your community by the number of weeks in a year. Do you think your community recycles enough? How can the US Government place more importance on recycling? Part 3 Examine the process of recycling. Include the following: Explain how recycled material is reused. Describe what happens to recycled cans, bottles, and newspapers after they go to the recycling bin. Examine the impact you have on creating renewed resources from these recycled items. Support your statements with appropriate examples and scholarly references.


Recycle Process of Wastes
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Recycle Process of Wastes
Recycle can be defined to the ability to reuse a commodity given that at one time it was pronounced useless. This can involve changing the form under of the initial commodity to the final. For instance, the garbage remains from plants can be used as green yard manure. In this form, the first commodity is different from the last; as much they bare some similarities in composition, at forms are different. With the increase in population in the mid eighteen century, there was also increase in garbage that raised address by the environmentalists. If this could not be case, the world could be so much populated to an extent that humankind could be contracting diseases easily. For instance, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid is known to be associated with dirty. Therefore, this research paper compose of a research proposed effort to examine the recycling process.
Average garbage collection
It has been estimated as at December 2013, the average cabbage Texan garbage collection is around seven pounds a day; this is more that the average national average. This implies that the annual average per person is around one tone if not more. Collectively, in Irving, the garbage collection collected each year is about sixty thousand tones. This may have been attributed by the fact that one needs to maintain his or her hygiene.
Garbage sorting and collection
In order to ease collections and recycling process, garbage needs to be collected in separate bins. For instance, the bin that contains plastic bottles should be different from that comprising metallic cans. Similarly, garbage from plants remains should be different from artificial given that garbage from plants remains are decomposable and be used in a different way as opposed to artificial garbage. With all these parameters in mind, it implies that citizen should be educated on the right way to dispose wastes. This may ease the recycling process. For instance, the scrap metals can be recycles different from the plastic wastes.
Use of the recycled materials
It not necessary that containers and bottles should be recycled, some can be collected and be reused directly. For instance, the cola glass bottles can be collected and be cleaned provided it not broken. At times one needs to just brand them before usage. A similar scenario can be evident in the open plastic containers. They can be collected and be used as flower cans since they do not usually rust. In these scenarios, it is evident that there can be direct re--usage without recycling.
Recycle of the plastic cans and bottles
Toward the end of the seventeenth centaury, it became clear that burning of waste was cruel way of disposing wastes. It was suggested that burring plastic bottles and cans was increasing the amount carbon (iv) oxide in the atmosphere. This could in turn increase the earth’s temperatures since the gas will react by depleting the ozone layer. Therefore, it was suggested by the environmentalists that plastic bottled and can recycled by remodelling them to different shapes.

The bottles and can were to be collected after which they were exposed to high temperatures (Not burning); this could make the bottles to melt. At this stage, impurities such as the sand/soil could be removed given that the container were not cleaned before the process was initiated. After impurities removal, the molten plastics were to me modelled in a desired shape have mixed the desired colour for the container to be produced. The containers or the bottles were then allowed to cool and ready for usage.
Recycling of the metallic cans and bottles
After the metal can have been collected, one will required to isolate the metals according to their composition. For instance, aluminium cans and bottles will be separated from iron cans and bottles. The same case will apply to cast iron, copper among other types of metals. After this is done, the various metals will be subjected to high temperatures depending of the boing points of the metals. This will then be followed by removal of the impurities. At this stage, the metal is ready for usage; it can be modelled to any form for usages.

Recycling of papers (waste papers and newspapers)
Similar to the plastic containers and bottles, magazines, newspapers and other forms of paper products can be reused without recycling. For instance, newspapers and magazines can be reused by removing the ink solutions as a result of printing. This will make the papers to appear as if they have not been used before. This implies that one can print on the same material without any difficulties. Similarly, the papers can be socked in water to form Mache that can be used to mould house jewelleries for beauty.
Recycling of the glass bottles and containers (the enamel can also fall in this category)
The same way other things are recycled, the glass material can also be recycled. The glass bottles and cans are collected and boiled to their belting point. At this point impurities can removed and the residue will be ready to be remoulded to a new product. But, before this is done, one needs to decide on the colour of the finish product...
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