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Intercultural Communication (Essay Sample)


Intercultural Communication


Intercultural Communication
Learning activity: Students are expected to take part in international peer sharing and review session as well as exchange their work.
The commencing stage of this lesson is to ensure that the students get the understanding of how intercultural communication strategies crop to improve intercultural communications skills at individual and organization perspective. Mediation and acquisition of effective and efficient intercultural communication skills in contemporary teaching and learning calls for new methodological frameworks and approaches implemented in the education systems and syllabus (Dower, 2002) . These approaches are supposed to offer guidelines to curriculum structure and development, a way that students can progress through using of readily available materials as well as a way of ensuring that both the course and the students are achieving the intended steps towards intercultural communication change.
The aim of this learning is to ensure that complementary intercultural strategies could be combined to bring effective intercultural communication that is: up-to-date, well-suited with contemporary strategies to language learning methodology and accustomed to the development of effective and efficient intercultural communications skills.
To address the above demands it will be vital to research the current literature for intercultural communication strategies that could bring up to date within the fields of intercultural education, intercultural communication studies, intercultural research methodology and educational psychology on culture. As of this learning for diversified complimentary strategies will be selected and intertwined intro learning and teaching framework in order to understand the essence of boosting intercultural communications skills. Intercultural barriers arising as a result of poor communications has been the leading causes of students and research failures in the world today. This understanding and evaluating the best strategies to employ in bridging this gap is a significant approach.
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This good interaction and understanding between people or groups of people is referred to as inter-cultural communication when it occurs between different cultural groups. Intercultural communication is a too that people from different cultures create for the purposes of sharing meaning and understanding. According to Lovitt & Goswami (1999), Communication between people of different culture is important for both personal and cultural purposes. Within cultural settings, there exist both verbal and non-verbal communications that put pressure to cultural difference. The way people act, and the things that they do determine which culture they belong to. This is by means of a non-verbal communication.
Edward T. Hall, a prominent scholar in communication came up with two major ways in which one’s culture becomes expressed. These two ways are very distinct, and express culture of different people distinctly and effectively. He evolved low and high context patterns that indicate the perceptions to look for in the communication process, and how to interpret them. According to Hall, cultures of high contexts use notes of high contexts. This means that while people or cultural groups communicate, the parties infer meaning from the personal setting or as a presumption as part of peoples’ internalized convictions, norms and standards (Deardorff, 2008). Latino, Chinese, and African cultures are good examples of high context cultures. High context messages are common in the United States of America among the African-Americans. It is worth noting that there is less organization of time in high context cultures. Time is more casual and less organized in these cultures.
In contrast, low context cultures look at time in a highly technical way. This is partly because of the time that is needed for people and groups to understand the message that is being put across. Cultures of reduced contexts favour the use of notes of low context (Bennett, 2008).). In this case, majority of the data is vested in the explicit cipher. For example, the interaction of people with computers is a low context communication. A person must align his/her message in a particular manner for the computer to understand. Low context is deeply rooted in western countries, for example, in America; low context communication pattern is rooted in the Bill of Rights.
Asian and Latino cultures, on the other hand, encompass a bigger allowance into their swaps, using elaborate, clichés, kisses, and expanded handshakes. It is apparent, therefore, that a great misunderstanding could easily occur if two or more people from two or more drastically distinct cultures meet and have to communicate (Rhoads & Szelényi, 2011). It is important that people understand kinetics, a study of linkage through movement of the body. This will be helpful for people to be able to decline the individual awkwardness and abuse. Body movements are the way in which people communicate through the use of signs. It can be through the way people stroll, stand, facial expressions, and how these expressions become combined in open or closed channel in communication. Some emblems have direct verbal translation (lexicon definition), which are generally made of a word or two. The sign language of the deaf, which is normally used behind-the-scenes TV people, is an exam...
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