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How to brand a movie (Essay Sample)

HOW I PREPARED FOR MY BIG MOVE TO AMERICA Name: Institution: Date: Introduction One of the biggest challenges people often face in their lives is that of moving to a completely new environment and starting over a new life. It is often an experience that brings about mixed feelings and mixed reactions. Indeed, sometimes the experience brings about excitement while other times it brings about a level of agony and sadness. Most times, it brings about a mixture of the two emotions. Equally important and emotion stirring is the process of preparing for the great move. Below is my version of what I experienced before I made the big move to go live with my mother in the USA four years ago. It all started when my parent’s religious differences begun taking the toll on their marriage and our family life. It soon reached a point of no return and my parents both felt it necessary to separate. My mum moved to the USA while my dad stayed in Zanzibar. My siblings and I also stayed in Zanzibar with my dad. That, to me was one of the worst experiences ever, watching my parents separate. My mum had, prior to her move to the USA, contacted her relatives there and asked them to procure an apartment for her. About six months after she had left, I started feeling the emotional burden that accompanied her absence. Yes, we communicated every now and then but to me that was not enough. It was then that we reached a consensus with both my dad and my mum that I should travel to the states and join my mother there. However, before the much anticipated move, there are some preparations I had to make. Some emotional, some legal and some were just a bit of the rest that was not included in legal and emotional preparation. The legal preparations of course involved me going to the embassy of the USA in mainland Tanzania and getting me a visa to the USA; process which did not take too long. However, I would not say the same for the other preparations that I had to make. The first of which are the emotional attachments and detachments I had to deal with. Remember I have siblings and here I was, the second born, about to leave my siblings with my father. I would miss them, and they would miss me too. What scared me even more was the thought of a possible resentment growing in them towards my 'abandonment'. Then of course there were the emotions I would feel getting detached from my father, a man I greatly respected and feared; the kind of fear that brings about admiration. I appreciated the role the man had played in my life up to that point. Aside from these two there was the issue of being detached from my country and region of birth. A place I had grown to love and cherish. I loved the climate, I loved the people who lived there, I loved the beaches, and I loved the whole vibrancy of the Island. It was just amazing; I wasn't sure the USA would be like that. I was especially scared of the changes that would occur. Changes like language which would bring about language barriers as well as changes in climatic patterns as well as culture and society. While Zanzibar was hot and warm all through the year, th...
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