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The Effect of Electronic Media Networks on Society (Essay Sample)


Discuss how electronic media networks influence society (e.g. people\'s lifestyles).


The Effect of Electronic Media Networks on Society
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University The Effect of Electronic Media Networks on Society
For more than four decades, beginning in the 1970s, the world has experienced monumental revolutions in information technology, culminating in the global paradigm shift with regards to the way people communicate and interact. This paradigm shift has impacted greatly on people’s social lifestyles across all age groups. Most significant is the way in which technology has transformed people’s social interactions and interpersonal relationships by removing the barriers of time and distance. More than ever before, the world has been shrunk into a global village, whereby one can connect and interact with people from the other side of the globe with a single click. The invention of Interne-based social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, and Myspace, provide a convenient and efficient platform through which people can interact freely and cheaply. It is not surprising, therefore, that most individuals today begin their day by checking into their social accounts for “updates” instead of switching on the television or perusing the morning papers for news. This trend has become a global craze whereby individuals rely more on social networking sites for information than mainstream media.
Despite these benefits, however, this overreliance on social networking sites portends serious dangers to individuals and society at large. People have developed a kind of blogging syndrome whereby they wake up each day to post on “wall,” where they advertise their daily activities to the entire world as well as keep tabs on others. This habit not only encourages online stalking, but most important, exposes people’s privacy to outsiders. One common aspect of online relationships is the anonymity of the “friends” that one interacts with. This is situation results from the fact that online relationships function without the input of face-to-face interaction. As a result, individuals accept “friend” requests from total strangers, with whom they begin relationships. In addition, long term use of social networking sites leads to a state of addiction, whereby individuals feel that they cannot do without interacting with their online acquaintances. Professor Steven Strogatz of Cornell University makes reference to the popularity of Twitter, where “the conversation never stops, and you start to feel that if you’re not involved in it, you’re missing out” (qtd in Jarvis, 2009). This situation suggests that technology has evolved to a level where it controls people’s lives through social networking sites. Technology has transformed people’s understanding of socialization, how they interact with friends, relatives, employers, and even how they conduct their love relationships. It has transformed people into robots who function in their virtual world without the emotional attachment and affection that is integral to physical interactions. Consequently, online relationships are not as meaningful and emotionally fulfilling as primary relationships. Moreover, social networking has weakened social ties by allowing people to interact whilst hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet. With reference to the positive and harmful effects of the Internet, this paper argues that electronic media networks cause more damage to society than good.
One area that has benefited greatly from the popularity of social networks is business. Internet-based platforms have replaced traditional marketing mediums like television commercials, radio, and print adverts....
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