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Blog: Gender and the Mass Media (Essay Sample)

The Essay talks about mass media and its significance in the society. source..
Blog: Gender and the Mass Media Name of the Student Institution Affiliation Blog: Gender and the Mass Media Mass media has a significant role in society. This is through broadcasting of information to the public, and offering entertainment to numerous people. The representation of women or girls in the media has always been a topic of concern for a long time. Research on the issue portrays that there are remarkably few females compared to males in numerous types of mainstream media. To top it up, the few women who are featured in the media are portrayed in immensely stereotypical ways. The inequality in how men and women are portrayed in the media is evident in various forms of media in the society. This phenomenon can be seen from any form of media advertising such as, magazines, popular music, films, or magazines. In most cases, women are portrayed performing home chores, as sex objects for satisfying men, and as victims who cannot protect themselves CITATION Gen13 \l 1033 (Gender Issues In The Media). On the other hand, media stereotypes associate men with masculinity. Masculinity is often associated with machismo, aggression, independent, competition, and emotional detachment. Some of the most renowned films stereotyping men in this aspect include the Rambo and G.I. Joe movies. In today's world, the most "gendered" phenomenon in the media is commercial shows. Commercials are vast sources of gender stereotyping. This is because they are adapted to either mal...
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