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Necessity to Balance Both Bad and Good News (Essay Sample)


The required task to be fulfilled was to discuss the necessity of the media to balance both bad and good news in their daily programes.


Necessity to Balance Both Bad and Good News
News agencies are seen as being the origins of broadcasting news and selective information forthwith and efficaciously. Television, radio and newspapers are the vital organs that pass on this information. We all depend on them so as to get to know what is happening both locally and internationally. However, there has been a tendency of the media fraternity relaying what the audience considers to be bad news. Before news is relayed through the media, there's an editor who monitors what is to be published and what is to be released. The editor will consider a number of factors that include the organization's concern, target group and personal interest and the social responsibilities. Political disposition of the media house and organization also affects the type of news the public will be getting. The question is, why have the media organs decided to focus much on the bad news rather than the good ones, and is there any effect of this? Is the public in eager of the sad moments or is it just that bad news create a sense of gluing people to their channels? This is an essay debating on this matter.
Keywords: good news, bad news, media
Necessity to Balance Both Bad and Good News
Promoting news is a big task for not only the youth but also old people in the media agencies. As indicated earlier in the abstract of this essay, the editor will be the determinant of what kind of news to be delivered. The major factors influencing this decision are the attractiveness of the news, target group interests and political situations.
The target group is those people who read or listen to the news. Age, hobbies and virtues of audiences or readers will remain distinct. The youth and elders have different interests. Elders like those political news, the murder and so on whereas youths including teenagers are attracted to the famous celebrities. However, youths will also be glued to information touching on murder and criminal occurrence. They also get attached to their political affiliations in the sense of support and nurturing their future political careers.
In this case, news editors are setting much attention on the so called bad news because there will be a larger audience comprising of both aged and young people. Even though they bring a sad mood, bad news should be aired so that a larger audience gets the adverts in between the news thus more profits to...
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