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Communication inhibitor Analysis. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


In Writing Assignment #1, you will identify various communication inhibitors in the context of your workplace or community, define the inhibitors in your own words, prepare a table with descriptions of the inhibitors, and write a brief summary rating the effectiveness of communication in the chosen context. The analysis you prepare for this report might pave the way for your final paper, the Research-Based Report.


Communication Inhibitors Analysis
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliations
Communication Inhibitors Analysis
* Description of a community setting, including a description of the 3-4 communication inhibitors that occur in that setting.
I work in a community learning center near my home as an assistant supervisor. The learning center was created as a school where students of all levels can find a unified learning center to study and socialize during the holidays. The community center board hires staff regardless of their racial background, ethnicity, religion, gender, or social status. This has been the key motivating factor behind the success of the center in the last years since it was established in 2009. It has attracted people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Currently, we are 57 members of staff who come from all sorts of background. We have two staff members from an Asian background, 1 European, 2 immigrants from African countries, and the rest come from the United States. However, even those who come from the United States are from diverse backgrounds ranging from African Americans to Latinos. 

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