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Communications & Media
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Communication Skills: Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


This essay on "Communication Skills" begins with an introduction that explains the importance of effective communication in the workplace. The findings section presents research on the various forms of communication, including verbal and nonverbal, as well as the impact of technology on communication. The conclusion summarizes the key takeaways from the findings, emphasizing the need for clear and effective communication in order to achieve success in the workplace. The recommendations section offers suggestions for improving communication skills, such as active listening, being aware of nonverbal cues, and practicing effective communication through role-playing. the essay basically highlights the significance of communication skills in the professional world and offers practical advice for improving them.


Communication Skills
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Executive Summary
This report aims to discuss communication skills and how they can be applied in organizations and help in marketing. Communication is attractive and pleasant when messages get across to the intended people without ambiguity. Achieving this requires the effort of both the sender and the receiver of the message. Information or data can be misinterpreted and misrepresented, especially if errors (Saeed & Rashidi 2017). If this is not detected early enough, it can waste a lot of energy and efforts, miss opportunities and cause tremendous confusion (Saeed & Rashidi 2017). When both the sender and receiver understand one another clearly, and there is the feedback, the Communication is considered successful. Many people have continued to struggle with Communication despite seeming easy, be it verbal or nonverbal Communication (Gartanti et al. 2020). Lack of communication skills has made many people unable to progress in careers and business because the way of communicating to get there is not well understood. For Communication to be successful then, the message must be well understood. The following must be in place: know the audience, know the topic, know the purpose, prepare for objections, have an open mind, attain credibility from the audience, follow through with your words, present messages in various ways, appreciate feedback and apply different communication techniques (Gartanti et al. 2020). Effective Communication seeks to achieve the following objectives: to be heard, to be well understood, to be accepted, and an action to take taken.
Communication comes from a Latin word called "communis: meaning common. It is the process of exchanging information by writing, speaking or using any other medium. When we communicate, we establish "commonness" with a person or other people (Gartanti et al. 2020). It also involves sending and receiving data or information through computers, phones and letters. Communication skills are critical in these modern times because we receive, send, and process a lot of data every day. Communication can also be defined as a mechanism by which a person (the communicator)

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