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Influences and Consequences of Fake News (Essay Sample)


Subject: Journalism and Mass Communication
Number of words: 550
Number of sources: 3
Formatting style: APA
Questions for Analysis:
1) What is Pablo Boczkowski saying about the influences of fake news on our current informational climate? What are the three effects that he sees as most damaging to our society, and is he optimistic or pessimistic about the near future of journalism?
2) What do you feel are the consequences of fake news on American society? How have digital communication tools contributed to this problem?


Fake News and the Future of Journalism
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Fake News and the Future of Journalism
Every day, people receive news that shapes their lives and influence decisions significantly. In contemporary society, mainstream and social media are pivotal in spreading information. Accuracy and fairness should dominate news media as the guiding principles of good journalism. Guided by these principles, journalists should write accurate information always. Unfortunately, this is not the case since fake news has eroded journalistic integrity. Pablo Boczkowski acknowledges the presence of fake news in contemporary society. Herein, an in-depth exploration of fake news on the current informational climate and American society shows its damaging effects.
Besides acknowledging that fake news is part of everyday communication, Pablo Boczkowski is convinced that fake news will negatively impact the future of journalism. The present day’s audience must be convinced to believe various issues, and the persuasion occurs through many diversified tools. Pablo Boczkowski considers three effects as 

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