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The Fundamental Difference Between the Chinese and Western Cultures (Essay Sample)


In AT LEAST 400 words, review the Documentary by Mitch Anderson (China's century of humiliation). Be sure to identify the target audience, the main PURPOSE, motivation for the documentary, and how it differs from other works with a similar PURPOSE. follow apa7th edition guidelines and use the documentary as your only source.


The Fundamental Difference Between the Chinese and Western Cultures
China’s Century of Humiliation is a documentary film written, directed, and produced by Mitch Anderson. The 2011 release explores the fundamental difference between the Chinese and Western cultures throughout the 19th century. The documentary targets an audience without much information about China’s Modern History.
The main purpose of the documentary is to explain why China followed a more deviant path than the conventional political evolution witnessed in Western Europe and the United States. Early projections showed that the nation would become more democratic as it became richer (Anderson, 2017). However, the nation has presented a more alternative-aristocratic model, which is successful of its own accord. The documentary highlights how the period of national humiliation from 1939 to 1949 still influences Chinese foreign politics.
The documentary examines the origins of the basic disparities between Western and Chinese cultures. It begins with a discussion of the translation of Christianity and Confucianism into political thinking and social institutions. The film then examines why the industrial revolution did not occur in China, despite the country’s many early technological breakthroughs. The documentary finally examines the onset of military and economic and military interactions between the British and Chinese Empires.

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