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Limitation of Free Speech in the Community (Essay Sample)


Writing instructions
Attached please find the essay you recently completed as well as the instructions for expanding the essay have been attached under "revise and edit the argumentative..."
The note from the instructor on how he would like it expanded on is as follows:
"Your intro is good. You state the topic of the essay with context and make a clear claim about that topic. Your conclusion is good in that it restates your claim and your point. However, you only have one supporting topic. You should have 2-3 topics each with their own body paragraph. This gives strength to your argument. It looks like you are on the right path you just need to add more information to your essay"
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Limitation of Free Speech in the Community
Free speech is essential in the community for expressing one's opinions, thoughts, convictions, and beliefs. Furthermore, free speech permits individuals to genuinely engage in democracy and the development of society by discussing problems that impact citizens' regular lives frankly and publicly without fear. However, excessive freedom of expression in some circumstances is highly destructive to the country, and the government restricts freedom of speech in such situations by regulations that must be followed. This essay, therefore, justifies why the government or the community limits freedom of speech through regulations and address counterclaim for the restriction.
The government may limit people's freedom of speech if their remarks or writing style endangers national security. This provocation might be intended to split the country and push it into a fierce fight to overthrow the government. In such cases, the law allows for the deprivation of one's right to free speech if it would endanger the citizen's and government's existence. According to Oleksiyenko and Jackson (2020), the government may limit how much information the media provides on force deployment and keep it secret during the war. This is critical since the administration would want to remain unnoticed by the primary enemy, whose main goal is to capture the country's boundaries. Furthermore, Arthur (2021) educates that various governments have overused the concept of "national security" to shield themselves from public 

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