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Family Communication (Essay Sample)


tHE TASK IS ABOUT FAMILY COMMUNICATION. IT EXPLAINS ABOUT HOW FAMILY MEMBERS EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS THROUGH VERBAL AND NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION. Lack of proper communication in a family leads to false assumptions, which can be seen in their feelings or how they jump to conclusions about a subject. Knowing and understanding each family member is important, without which unnecessary fear or concern can lead to stress. Poor communication propagates arguments easily. In a family setup, the major parties involved are the parents and the children. Parents must take care of their children by ensuring they communicate effectively. Parents should set a good example for their young ones to have healthy communication in the family. Elders in the family should create awareness of effective communication for it will result in a positive and healthy relationship among family members.


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Verbal and non-verbal communication in a family express feelings of members of a family (Purnell, 2018). In having healthy families, effective communication is vital since it strengthens the love among family members. When family members communicate effectively, they will be able to identify differences within themselves, after which a solution is offered to solve the unnecessary conflict that may occur. Healthy communication is created by listening to one another and passing information among family members. Effective listening must be employed among family members; afterward, an effective response is given.
Talking is not enough, listening too is crucial to having healthy communication. Effective family communication can be identified as how people in the family express their love, feelings, and friendship to each other throughout the family stay. In a family, we have elder and younger generations, and the only way to pass any source of information between the two generations is through effective communication. When family members communicate effectively none will live a private life, and openness and trust among family members are embraced (Lambrechts et al., 2017). At the end of the day, members share their thoughts freely without fear of intimidation. Strong relationships among family members are brought about trust. Therefore, family members need to be open with one another for effective communication.
In many cases, people think everything is alright; therefore, approaching a family member with a problem may be challenging. It is not good to ignore any arising issue in the family since it can harm that was not expected. Assuming or ignoring serious issues which need to be attended to in the family may cause problems. The feelings of anger may be carried forward hence intensifying future disagreements. Effective communication in the family gives a clear understanding of how to handle family members. Being free with family members, one can communicate and share ideas they feel are right. The ideas shared not all will agree with but will understand; with time, the family members will understand why they were shared, and the members feel it was right to share.
Effective communication is encouraged because some issues are experienced in the family due to miscommunication. Being like-minded and willing to communicate with one another some problems or issues are identified and a solution is made immediately. Gossiping is common among family members, and here one of the family members becomes the subject of the conversation; hence the topic is misconstrued. When gossiping is encouraged, facts will no longer be facts. Healthy communication will not give family members time to gossip about other members; hence they will be praising them other than talking negatively about them. In a family set up all are after their members in good and bad times. Frequent and effective communication among family members makes them understand what their members need and then provides support to 

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