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Global Media Systems in Western Europe and North America (Essay Sample)


You will be required to write a small essay (550-600 words) in which you answer a few questions about the reading and podcast posted here. In the report, you must include a headline -in which you summarize your argument. I don't expect that you answer the items as a questionnaire; on the contrary, please explain them in an essay in which you provide your opinion about the reading and podcast. First, read the work of Hallin and Mancini about how we can compare media systems around the globe. The document is in the file attached. Secondly, I have included an additional question in question three.
1. Explain the four dimensions in which the media system in Western Europe and North America are analyzed in the reading?
2. What are three things that resonated with you about the reading and the podcast?
3. (not from the reading) Public opinion on the US is negative toward china. tiktok and wechat are two examples of how media systems are shaped not only by conflict but also by the wider international context. How has history this way changed how people use social media?


Examining Global Media Systems
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How History Has Changed Social Media by Allowing People to Exchange Political Ideas and Opinions Without Censorship
The four ways in which the media system are analyzed in the reading are the level of state power in mass media administration, the level of mass media bias, the level of media-political elite integration, and the institutional nature of media institutions. The article asserts that there are considerable differences in the degree of state intervention in the media system. Public service broadcasting, as the most direct form of government involvement in media, has existed in nearly all countries (Hallin & Mancini, 2012). However, the recent substantial shift towards commercial broadcasting has lessened the degree of state intervention in the media system regarding ownership, regulation, and funding of media. Still, there are subtle variations in the relative liberality of media systems. The article identifies four basic models that distinguish the various levels of state intervention: the government model, the professional model, the parliamentary model, and the

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