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The Impacts of Media and Technology on the Society (Essay Sample)


media is of any form, either printed or electronic and which plays a vital role in the community. use of media is of help in the society in different ways like, exchange of information, it also has an impact in politics which directly affect society,physical health of individuals in the society and media as made the world to be a global market where people can meet without physical contact and even transact businesses, as well as making access of information easier just through a tap of a button.


The Impact of Media and Technology on the Society
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The Impacts of Media and Technology on the Society
The media is the reflection of our society as it keeps us informed. It can be in any form, that is, printed or electronic, and plays the role of entertaining, educating, and making people aware of the current situations. How could one feel if electronic gadgets were not there? The media is the mode of communication and the backbone of our society. Different forms of media have helped many people, including the young generation, the activists, and the weaker section of the community, as everyone can express their views through the media. The use of media and technology impacts society, including the medium of change, making the world closer and smaller, affecting politics directly, and technology and media have effects on the physical health of an individual.
The mass media is a medium of change in society. The media guides society on the right decision to make. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic left people speechless, but social media gave people directives of preventive measures. It also gives people the correct details to bust the myths about the pandemic, from the number of cases to the vaccine development process. The media has kept people informed since the Covid-19 pandemic was reported first in China CITATION Hus20 \l 1033 (Hussain, 2020). The World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with mechanisms to deal with Covid-19 through fast adoption of digital solutions as well as advanced tools (Golinelli et al., 2020). Another scenario is the HIV pandemic, where the media has kept people informed through radio, television and ads. For example, non-governmental organizations play a vital role in research on the HIV pandemic CITATION Sop19 \l 1033 (Sophia & Zhang, 2019). Their results are helpful and spread through social media to reach everyone. The media is resourceful as it guides life by providing the necessary information and skills to deal with pandemics.
Another impact of media and technology is that it has made the world to become smaller and closer, that is, it has made the world to become a global village. Through media and technology, people can get information about things and people they would have taken decades to know. For example, when the Covid-19 pandemic was reported first in China, people received the details about it through social media. No matter the part of the world people are in, they will receive information about what is happening in the outside world through the media. For instance, through media and technology, the post-services in India have expanded the domain of their sale technology through the use of media (Agnihotri et al., 2018). Therefore, media aids people in receiving information about various businesses, which improves sales and brings people together.
The media plays a vital role in politics as it links the government and the public in any country. The politics of any country would be unstable without the use of media and technology. People cannot talk to the government directly, but due to the presence of social media, the public can express their views to the government. The media logic approach suggests that we understand the norms and practices that emerge daily in politics through the media. (Bruns et al., 2016). Therefore, people are informed of what is happening in the government through the media.
The media and technology also have an impact on the physical health of the users. Some of the effects include eyestrain, poor posture, sleep problems as well as reduced physical activity. Young People, Social Health and Media CITATION Goo18 \l 1033 (Goodyear & Armour, 2018) explains and illustrates how the youth engages and interacts with social media as well as the impacts of those interactions. For instance, poor posture when operating a computer can lead to neck pain. Watching a movie on a computer for a long time can cause eyestrain, sleep problems and reduced activity.
In conclusion, media and technology have man

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