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Mass Media as a Moulder and Reflection of Society Media Essay (Essay Sample)


To what degree does mass media both reflect and mould the society


Mass Media as Moulder and Reflection of Society
Mass media is a potent tool. The society depends on it for information, entertainment, among other things, which has made it to be a necessity just like food. As a result, whereas mass media helps in shaping the society, it is also a reflection of the same society.
Mass media shapes society in various ways. Firstly, through mass media is crucial in influencing people’s beliefs regarding different topics. People world over depend on media for information regarding various experiences throughout the world. This reliance makes it easy for media to push specific agendas that are of interest to the general public (Happer and Philo). As such, media is also pivotal in triggering public debate and changing attitudes and beliefs of people concerning a variety of issues. A good example is the role of media in highlighting climate change. Mass media coverage on the impending global calamities as a result of climate change has forced people to rethink to rethink about posterity and begin embracing sustainable living.
Mass media is also at the centre of instilling norms and transferring culture. Media is essential in not only informing the masses but also entertaining them. Through the TV, the world is brought much closer to people’s living rooms. This makes it possible for the audience to observe other people’s way of living. As a result, culture from across the world is easily experimented and transferred CITATION Cat13 \l 1033 (Happer and Philo). The hip hop culture has been spread throughout the world courtesy of people’s dependence on TV for entertainment.

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