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Compare and Contrast: FOX NEWS AND CNN Report on the North and South Korea talks (Essay Sample)


-Write a comparison essay on CNN and fox.
-Specific topic is your own
-APA format
-double spaced


Compare and Contrast: FOX NEWS AND CNN Report on the North and
South Korea talks
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In more than 50 years, South and North Korea have been embroiled in a rivalry which up to date is referred to as the ‘han’- meaning unending hatred against each other. These two primarily were one was sometime back. Then later they were divided by Russia and Japan who were looking forward to colonize each territory; Russia to the North and Japan to the south. Later the war that preceded this division was terrible. This was facilitated by the notion and the presence of the cold war and China was encouraging the North to be communist country. In an effort to tame China U.S supported the South Korea so as they resist the communist rule and that how the Korean Peninsula crisis came in. the tension between the two countries was again heightened by the act of North Korea testing the nuclear weapons on 2006 CITATION Hug07 \l 1033 (Hughes, 2007).
This prompted the south to also start fearing for its security and it happened like it’s the end of any peaceful talks between the two countries and the South started also its Nuclear program so as to respond well in times of the Crisis with the help of USA. This though was not what happened this year during the winter Olympics in South Korea, the North Korea sent a delegate to come and negotiate for their athletes to participate and that was peacefully granted by the Government of South Korea. That gesture in accordance with many people opened the door for further negotiations that could see them work together.

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