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Impact of Technology on Theater Attendance. Communications & Media (Essay Sample)


-Write an essay on technologies that improved theater attendace
-APA format and double spaced
-use relevant citations


Technologies That Improved Theater Attendance
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In this world, there are things which help man wind up after a week-long duty and other family chores, this is the art of being entertained. From the early days’ entertainment has been core also to human development and that can’t be left behind. With all the forms of entertainment audio-visual category takes the lead, this is because people want to experience and see things for themselves so that they can be able to give a plot of something or learn well; this is because man can remember easily things that they see and then what they are narrated. This led to the introduction of cinema so as to make this experience worth, during that time of Cinema introduction still the idea of TV sets scared most people as they were expensive hence people preferred going to the cinemas as some of them that time were shown publicly for everyone to see and during night time. There was also the cinema where the movie rigs were used to project on clear surfaces such as white curtains or walls. As technology evolved the industry faced a crisis of falling CITATION Ala08 \l 1033 (Smith, 2008) and they had to reinvent their theatrical environment so as the movie goers cannot be glued to their screens at home as that would mean great losses to the cinema industry as people could afford now buying DVDs, stream movies online and on their home space.
This however in contribution with technology has led to people being stuck in the movies all the time this is not to show romance(couples) or class for those who like flossing rather to enjoy the facilities and the wonderful experience at the movies. Therefore, in this paper am going to explore the technologies which have revolutionized the cinema experience and how each is important to the cinema world CITATION Joh16 \l 1033 (Aalbers, 2016). The topic on the cinema revolution by technology is very poignant in the current times as directly affects movies sales and the existence of cinema at large.

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