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How to Use Social Media to Overcome Misinformation During Emergencies (Essay Sample)


-Write a reading response essay on the document provided
-be articulate on how to use social media to beat misinformation
-mla writing format
-double spaced


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Social media is an important tool in the current society to disseminate information and reach out too many people fast in an emergency time; but still it has its challenges on how to use it so as to get correct or credible information without stumbling on some fake information or hoax.
One of the greatest drawbacks on social media during times of emergencies is misinformation/hoax. Hoax as much as people might think that they are not that harmful, these things have power to convince a person or instill fear unto them as they cannot differentiate them from the real information more so for the unlearned/semi-illiterate people. This affects the response rate on marking the safety of a person during times of disasters. 

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