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The Downside of Cell Phones for Children under Ten Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Write an essay to either support or oppose the possession of cellphones by children under ten years


The Downside of Cell Phones for Children under Ten
The Downside of Cell Phones for Children under Ten
Mobile devices are the most common digital devices in the modern household. In fact, research has shown that there are more mobile devices than toilets in the world. As a result, children as young as under ten years old are not only getting access to mobile phones, but some are also owning them. This has led mobile companies to respond to this need by developing cell phones for children. Research done in the US shows that most children get their first device when aged six. Additionally, it has been established that parents spend almost five hundred dollars on the latest gadgets per child (Waterlow, 2012). Whereas these gadgets are beneficial in terms of entertainment and education safety, there are various demerits of children as young as ten years olds owning cell phones.
Mobile phones expose children to a lot of dangers on the internet. Whereas children can use mobile phones to access educational value content, the device can also expose them to a lot of negative content (Waterlow, 2012). Some of the negative content that children can access via the internet include religious hatred, pornography, extreme violence, anorexia advocacy. Parents are advised on ways to block some of this content to ensure children only access content that benefits them. However, managing to block all the undesired content is not easy. Additionally, children are likely to find channels through which they can bypass these restrictions.

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