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Negotiation Styles Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


A DISCUSSION ON HOW Personality or Negotiation Styles Influence the Process


Negotiation Styles
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How Personality or Negotiation Styles Influence the Process
Negotiation has become a critical process in both business and other life aspects. Various parties have to be involved in making critical decisions that affect each of them differently. The success and direction that a given negotiation process takes is greatly influenced by the personalities and negotiation styles of the key players (Kremenyuk, 2002). For instance, the communication skills of each of the key players play a huge role in determining the direction a negotiation process takes. If both parties in a negotiation have good communication skills, there is a likelihood of reaching an agreement early. When assertive parties who enjoy probing every item further are involved in a negotiation, the process takes long and clarity is ensured before reaching an agreement. The negotiating parties are satisfied by the decisions they make during a negotiation process when they are assertive and discuss every item of the agreement.

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