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Save the Global Environment Draft (Essay Sample)


the assignment covers the following topics accordingly
a) Introduction: Rationale for project/objects choice, main claim (global issue, ethical responsibility).
b) Theories/Concepts (possibly from class)
c) Existing Studies: case studies, statistics, correlation studies, experimental studies.
d) Original data (Optional): Your own data e.g. interview, survey, naturalistic or phenomenological observation
e) Conclusion: Synthesizes findings, addresses behavioral/design recommendations, how it may improve lives, make the world a better place.


 Save the Global Environment Draft
The topic was selected because fast fashion falls among the many things consumed daily and has tremendous effects on the environment that often goes unnoticed or unaddressed by the international players in matters concerning the environment. Changes in the environment caused by pollution are a global issue because of the change in climate that affects animal and plant life worldwide. The production of fast fashion materials and their disposal after use causes pollution to the environment.
* Contribution of the production of fast fashion materials to the global environmental pollution.
* Extraction of raw materials.
The extraction of raw materials for fast fashion manufacturing has impacted the environment in various ways. For example, they lead to soil degradation, shortage of water, loss of biodiversity, destruction of ecosystem working, and global warming exacerbation. The consumption of fashion made of raw materials has resulted in greenhouse gasses, pollution, degradation of the ecosystem, and loss and loss of biodiversity (Boogaard, Walker & Cohen, 2019). The extraction of raw materials leads to damage to the places where they have been removed, causing air pollution and water contamination.
* Machinery used in the extraction and manufacturing of the fashion materials such as clothes and ornaments.
These machines have led to the destruction of the environment. For instance, these machines have been using a lot of water, probably more than a tenth used in the factories and cleaning the products. Next, synthetic materials are the initial culprits that lead to the microfibers entering the oceans (Niinimäki et al., 2020). In approximation, thirty-five percent of these pollutants come from synthetic materials. Moreover, the availability of affordable clothing convinces the customers in various ways to purchase the clothes, hence leading to more pollution into the environment. Statistics show that sixty-two million metric tons of apparel were consumed worldwide. Viscose was introduced into fashion production in 1890, which served as a cheaper alternative to cotton (Akintunde, 2017). The demand for the same leads to environmental pollution.

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