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The Turning Moment in my Nursing Career (Essay Sample)


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write a story in essay form about a moment in time that has impacted you greatly or changed you, especially i terms of healthcare field, why i became a nurse..must include, introduction(to provide context for the story and its meaning) central idea of the story thesis statement..body(to develop the main point emotional high points) conclusion(to tie to narrative back to that central idea presented in the introduction and offer wisdom fou din the story)


The Turning Moment in my Nursing Career
Student’s Name:
It has been my dream to pursue a career that touches and improves the lives of other people, especially those suffering in society. I was not born into an affluent family, and it has not been my goal to pursue a profession that gives me a lot of money but one that, besides taking care of my financial needs, also gives me motivation by doing meaningful work. As defined by Blanca & Ramona (2017), meaningful work or a job is a profession whose responsibilities are valuable, noteworthy, and serve a noble purpose. I wanted to contribute to making the world a better place, free from suffering and pain. In serving the suffering, I could obtain satisfaction and render my greatest good to society. This paper focuses on my dream of doing meaningful work and the turning moment that impacted and inspired my nursing career.
I started offering nursing services at a very young age. My nursing career began at the age of 10 years. As a hobby, I provided care services for the elderly while still in grade 5. At 14, I completed high school and acquired tremendous experience in homecare nursing for the elderly. After completing and obtaining my high school diploma, I enrolled in a training program and passed a National Council Licensure for LPN

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