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Social Media and the Sociological Imagination (Essay Sample)


Paper instructions:
1 .Describe the role of social media in the changing society and culture. You could choose to focus on the American culture in general, or on a specific institution such as family, education, the economy, religion, government and the like. Clarify your choice and explain the reasoning for it.
2. Thinking sociologically, what questions might be relevant in this context?
3. Use all sociological theories (functionalism, conflict, symbolism and feminism) to explain your questions and describe the influence of social media on human character and identity.


Social Media and the Sociological Imagination
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Social Media and the Sociological Imagination
Digital interactive channels, commonly known as social networking sites or social media channels have become inevitable factors shaping human culture today. The emergence of the internet and the eventual innovation of social networking sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Whatsapp, TikTok, and other local social interactive channels has altered the traditional means of communication that people used to have. Today, people can make video calls, record videos and send to friends, take pictures and send to colleagues and friends, without necessarily having to travel for a face-to-face interaction. Live chats have become a defining factor for friends and relatives who are not willing to travel miles away to connect with friends. The virtual connection still takes place once one is connected to the internet. The education sector, from high-school to college level and above are among the areas of humanity that have not evaded the surging reality of these technological breakthroughs.
Previous studies have generated mixed impacts of social media on education. While some studies have argued 

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