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How Cyber Crimes Has Affected The Aviation Industry (Essay Sample)


The task is about how cyber crimes has affected the aviation industry and the reason as to why security needs to tightened to curb the increasing number of plane hijacking by used of technology.In the recent years.Cyber criminals have realized that the industry has alot of potential for earning easy money.Hence, criminals have mooved from physically engaging in terrorism to cyber form of terrorism


Aviation Cyber Security
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The use of aircrafts as a means of transport is quickly becoming a favorable and convenient means by which passengers across the world choose to travel. The number of passengers has increased tremendously in recent past. As a result, safety is increasingly becoming a priority in the aviation industry. The case of Malaysian Airlines flight 370 in March 2014 which conspiracy theories point to hacking of the autopilot system highlights the threat that cyber security poses to the industry (Tasch, 2014).

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