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Masking Poor Communication and the Causes of Poor Communication (Essay Sample)


The task was about how to mask poor communication but first before masking poor communications , causes of poor communication were identified then solution stated.IT EXPLAINED HOW POOR COMMUNICATION CAN AFFECT AN INSTITUTION OR BUSINESS PLATFORM AND EVENTUALLY CAUSE POOR OUTCOME. IT STATED HOW COMMUNICATION IS A KEY DETERMINANT IN THE SUCCESS OF AN ORGANISATION.


Masking Poor Communication
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Masking Poor Communication
As communication involves exchange of information between people or group of people, the main goal is to pass correct message to the receiver and in correct way. There are effective means of passing information because communication is part of everyone’s life and several departments or places worldwide need a good flow of information for several activities to take place (Backed & Korea, 2017). Whenever there is poor communication in any organization, a tensed environment is created whereby people loose motivation and collaboration. This will therefore affect the results of any platform 

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