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How to Increase Diversity in the Communications Field (Essay Sample)


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My topic is by how to increase diversity in the communications field by adding more detail on introduction courses (what careers, accomplishments, & salary you can have. Also touching on how much you'll help others with speech, hearing, and language disorders such as stutters, aphasia, cleft lips, etc etc. In general, how to bring in a more diverse set of people into the field. No outside sources required but they are not forbidden, they must be cited.


How to Increase Diversity in the Communications
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How to Increase Diversity in the Communications
Research explains diversity as the act or method of incorporating individuals from different community and national backgrounds and those of different sexual orientations or genders. Besides, diversity is vital in business, particularly in the communications industry. Communication fields such as marketing corporations, public relations, and advertising have to be more diverse to reach the consumers they desire. Communication is the key in all areas in the workplace, home place and non-working environment. Diversity in communication enables people from different works of life to feel that their views are heard.
Moreover, diversity is necessary for the communication industry since when people talk or communicate with others, it can be hard for people to go from miscommunication and misapprehension (Martins, 2020). Nevertheless, when communication is done well and used in any professional context, diversity is achieved. Moreover, there is also more contentment for the minority groups, such as the hearing impaired. However, in some cases, diversity is usually a basis of differences or hindrances in communication.
Above all, awareness is the first level to consider while debating diversity in any communication. In communications, diversity is about identifying that various individuals have exceptional opinions and life experiences centered on their backgrounds. Additionally, it involves teaching every person that they have freedoms and sufferings not communicated by others. Therefore, people need to understand this when communicating in a communication field or company (Martins, 2020). The diversity being discussed particularly begins internally with how an organization’s people participate in the conversation. Also, diversity in communications institutes is an important concern for various racial backgrounds.
Having done communication courses, been able to accomplish and achieve a lot in this field of communication. Moreover, one has to identify ultimate ideas on how to help others with speech, hearing, and language disorders in communication. Besides, one has to be able to recognize problems that face this field of communication. Moreover, being able to accomplish special projects on how to increase diversity in communication. There is a need to increase diversity in communication since the field is an important area used by many to express themselves (Martins, 2020). Besides, good communication creates equal opportunity among people from different backgrounds who are empowered to do better. However, every communication field is a critical area for people with special needs, such as those with hearing needs, language disorders and speech needs.
How to Improve Diversity in the Field Of Communications
There are many ways to increase diversity in communication, and they include below.
Developing Good Listening Skills
Living in an area of diversity needs outstanding listening skills for effective communication. Likewise, all ethnic groups converse differently, and people need to pay attention before speaking. Therefore, to increase diversity in communication, developing effective listening skills is mandatory. Hence, to comprehend every person and converse genuinely, one must listen keenly and ask significant inquiries. Paying adequate attention to people, taking good notes and taking all time to think more about the information given before answering is essential. The procedure might be slower during communication, but it gives good results and rewards.
Being Mindful Of Body Language
Being mindful of body language is important, especially when around those with special needs. Body language needs to be considered, even though a good and outgoing attitude is great during communication. Being watchful of body language is vital when communicating with various people from different cultural groups or minorities. Thus, mannerisms, eye contact, and posture speak volumes to people with special needs (Martins, 2020). Besides, what is good, no culture can be unpleasant in another culture. Developing more welcoming body language can be beneficial. Showing warmth with good facial expressions increases diversity in the communication field and makes those with special needs feel valued.
Encouraging Self-Expression
People find it hard to communicate freely in any communication field. Therefore, encouraging positive self-expression can increase diversity in communication by giving a voice to everyone. However, it is always hard for minority groups to speak openly. Additiona

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