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Good Governance (Essay Sample)


Discussion Question
THE ASSIGNEMENT REQUIRED THE WRITE TO WRITE What are the main criteria by which we should judge the quality of the governance of international organizations (whether IGO's or NGOs)? In your answer discuss at least two different criteria by which we can measure the quality of governance of IGOs. Do you believe that the UN Charter offers a blueprint for good governance?


Good Governance
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Good Governance
Good governance means the process in which resources utilized by the public institution are measured and how they manage these public resources and ensure that the members of the public benefit from them accordingly. The Good governance plan emerged in the late 1980s after the failure of stringent reforms. So, many countries across the globe didn't reap any fruits, and the structural adjustments failed. This idea was bought from the United states good quality management, where it gave the provision of the legal framework and ensured that institutions for markets flourished.
The International institutions, mainly IGOs and NGOs, and the UN agencies have identified checklist factors that help them indicate good governance performance. These factors are; accountability to the resources, Fairness and equality to all, and participation. There has also been the introduction of materials to educate people about how good governance should be conducted in a more controlled way in these international organizations. Following the disruption caused by World War II and the instructional creation period, Intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) were formed to coordinate and manage the distinct policy areas (Viola, & Mayntz2015). IGOs have designated that their functions were different from each other and were to concentrate on areas of their competency. The policies were developed to support the following IGOs; World Health Organization (WHO) dealing with health, the United Nations Security Council dealing with security, International Atomic Energy Agency dealing with nuclear energy, International Monetary Fund dealing with finance system, And the World Bank dealing with the development.
Un and the challenges it needs to address has been held hostage to several attempts, Peck,1998).  Coming up with an amicable resolution

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