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The Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health and Finance of Healthcare Workers (Essay Sample)


Template is attached.
Locate 10 articles on your topic original peer-reviewed research articles. All questions from the template are answered thoroughly but succinctly. Information from the article is provided with accuracy and clarity. Sufficient details are included to be used to assist in writing the background to the study.
Your problem statement should be a condensed/distinct statement for this assignment. It should be written only after you complete the article reviews in the template. A clear and correctly worded problem statement is provided. Problem statement addresses the three components (“What we know”; “What we don’t know”- the gap; “What we want to know”.)
Paper is formatted in accurate, current APA formatting. Assignment is written using complete sentences and correct grammar. All sources are cited correctly and formatted correctly in the reference page.
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The impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of healthcare workers and the financial effect
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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has had a profound impact on social and workplace settings in a variety of ways. People's mental health is harmed by social distancing tactics such as forced lockdowns and isolation periods, fear of getting sick and losing money, and apprehension about the future. People coping with the consequences of a pandemic on their mental health may discover that employment circumstances either ameliorate or intensify their condition. Following the launch of COVID-19, the purpose of this literature study is to better understand the cognitive impairments of workplace characteristics in order to address emerging psychological essential workplace concerns. People who work in healthcare, particularly those on the front edges, migrant employees, and those who interact with customers, are more prone to suffer from mental health disorders as a result of the current health crisis. Uncertainty about one's future, employment insecurity, and extended periods of seclusion all harm one's mental health. Workplace infrastructure improvements, the introduction of acceptable and shared anti-contagious procedures, such as the regular provision of protective equipment (PPE), and resistance educational programmes, may all help to mitigate this problem. As a beginning point for future study, this review includes human and societal viewpoints, offering insight into possible interpersonal, social, and organizational solutions to this psychological plague.

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