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What is post modernization?


Aboriginal Art

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Aboriginal Art
Locality Fails by Imantis Tillers tries to examine the convergence of Aboriginal art and contemporary art (Tillers, n.d.). Just from nowhere, Aboriginal art and culture began to be featured in contemporary art galleries as well as fashion and design. Tillers look at the journey and reasons why Aboriginal paintings became famous in Australia and abroad. The author tries to look at the value of traditional art in the eyes of Australians versus that of foreigners. To him, foreigners value Aboriginal art more that Australian Urban art and are the reason why the former gained prominence. He explains that initially, it was only aborigine artists who could paint the local art. However, the practice is common among all artists including urban ones who incorporate aborigine culture in their art and term it local. He has issues with how aborigine culture is depicted in contemporary art as what is mostly featured is a primitive culture that is critical. He is unsure whether artists who feature aborigine culture celebrate it or criticise it in their works. This paper analyses the audience, voice and writing style of the text.

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