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e-Recruiting (Essay Sample)


4 Sources 1. Suggest how HR professionals can use online recruiting to more effectively support recruitment activities while reducing organizational costs. 2. Recommend four (4) strategies to mitigate the unintended consequences associated with e-Recruiting. 3. Propose one (1) approach in which online recruitment can help ensure the employee’s psychological contracts are fulfilled. 4. Suggest three (3) strategies you would use to attract high-quality candidates and members of diverse groups using an e-Recruitment approach. 5. Take a stand on whether or not the attributes of a Website (attractiveness, quality, and ease of use) would affect your motivation to apply for a job at that company. Justify your position with specific examples from two (2) business Websites that you are familiar with. 6. Propose four (4) security controls you would put into place to prevent unauthorized access to data and unauthorized disclosure of data when using e-Recruiting systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. Use at least four (4) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your assignment must follow these formatting guidelines:


The use of technology, web based tools and the internet to support organizations in the recruitment process may also be termed as e-recruitment. These tools may be in the form of an online database system that is accessible via a registration and log in portal on an organization’s website or on an intranet. Jobs are advertised on these websites and potential employees submit their details and curriculum vitae via email or the portal. The employer then sifts through the employees’ details when searching for suitable employees to invite for interview. Another perspective to the procedure would be, jobseekers upload their details on job search websites that link them up with potential employers. As at now, it is estimated that between 30% and 40% of job placements are made through the internet by the use of either job sites, individual organizations or online recruitment agencies. (Rashmi, 2010)
E recruitment can greatly enhance the recruitment procedure by improving on procedural efficiency and costs reduction. Since many job seekers get to upload their resumes, academic and experience detail onto online data containers, the industry has a wider variety of information when it is needed. Information on different varieties of potential employees can be accessed in a shorter time period. This is because computer systems and online applications are used. Both the recruiter and jobseeker have access to the wider global market. Since the online systems work throughout the day, the recruitment process can be conducted better with the aid of software.
The recruiter also has the opportunity to scan and filter resumes using desired criteria and requirements like experience, skills, qualifications and pay expectations. E-recruitment is also cheaper than advertising in the employment newspapers. Employers pay per hire and not per posting as is the case in the newspapers. This therefore provides a cheaper solution for those who seek employees as they spend less (Rashmi, 2010)
Most, if not all job portals and websites are available for access 24 hours a day. They contain potential employee data that is updated frequently. It therefore provides a just in time source of potential employee data that recruitment agencies and organizations can access at any time.
Online job adverts may however result in numerous responses. The cost of recruitment may therefore go up if the resources used are inefficient and not capable of handling the requests. Adequate resources in the form of people and technology should be deployed coupled with strong selection methods for the scrutiny of these responses.
Online recruitment involves less human interaction which is usually elemental in senior positions recruitment. This requires that e-recruitment be incorporated into overall recruitment procedures and be utilized alongside other methods so as to get the best out of the recruitment procedure.
Offline methods are usually better in short listing and screening of candidates, negotiations, interviews and convincing of candidates. Therefore, well defined structured application systems have to be designed, integrated and an efficient back-end put in place. Employees should also be trained well to maximize on the features provided by these systems.
Recruitment strategies are continuously being re-designed because competition is high for the talented employees and good employers in the market. Social Media is now playing a big role in the recruitment field and organizations should also be able to research on the new and emerging trend in order not to miss out.
When employees join an organizations, it is usually at different levels in the management or production. The kind of relationships and contracts and relationships that the employees are engaged in usually vary in between the structural short term based transactional psychological relationships and the Relational long-term emotional psychological relationships. When employees join organizations, they usually have their expectations on the kind of relationship they expect based on the criteria upon which they were selected and the activities they are to engage in while serving their respective organizations. The employer should ensur...
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