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Implications of the Classroom discourse model in my study (Essay Sample)


ESL essay written for tutors curriculum.

Implications of the Classroom discourse model in my study
It was observed that the S&C model applied in a teaching environment does represent that the participants inadvertently make errors during verbal conversation (Coulthard, 1985:133). The errors can be particularly noticed in exchange numbers XX. The second observation is that the teaching faculties participate in the verbal discussion for 89% of the available time. The 89% participation point is proven by my own talking time in the research but 89% would be on a higher side considering my own participation time Breen, M. (2001).
Due to the 89% of verbal participation done by the faculty it is evident that the faculty has the higher chance of expressing themselves. Furthermore the English language faculties know in advance about the ideal responses to the questions they ask to their students. These questions are known as ‘Display’ questions. Research has proven time and again that most of the questions asked by the teaching faculties are ‘Display’ questions Clark, H., and Carlson, C. (1992).
This is confirmed by own participation in the research that all questions raised by me from the curriculum are ‘Display’ questions. The S&C model represents the fact that the teaching faculties by merit of their own position both begin the exchange and appraises the answers given by the students. This act of beginning the exchange and appraising the answers is also true for my own participation in the research as a faculty.
Further the usage of IRF (Initiation, Response and Follow-up) structure is elaborated in different situations with their purpose. In my study about usage of English in the Korean cooking class the usage of IRF structure can be confirmed. The usage of Framing content such as the word ‘OK’ and the characteristic of the Framing word ‘OK’ also confirms the appropriate usage of IRF structure. The research facts particularly imply the exchange during the teaching session: Initiation, Response, and Feedback. The consistent usage of IRF also confirms the advantage of the IRF exchange in my research work Hewings, M. (1992).
The unique objective of the research was to distinctly and scientifically recognize the organization of conversation that took place during my teaching session. In due course of the research, the S&C model has established its benefit during the lectures lead by the faculty. This also confirms the consideration given by teaching faculties about the successful application of this model to recognize and evaluate their language as a scientific tool.
The model also enables the e...
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