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Effects of Proffessional Sport on Children (Essay Sample)

write about effect of professional sport on children source..
The Effects of Professional Sports on Children Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Whether one is a sports fan or not, they are likely to name one professional sports athlete at least. Professional athletes are celebrities that are often talked about in the media and even amongst people. Children and youth are not left out when it comes to knowing and understanding professional sportsmen. Children tend to be more interested in professional athletes than adults are, since they are interested in understanding their peculiar traits, the much they earn, and even their lifestyles. Professional sports, therefore, have both negative and positive impacts on children depending on the unique characteristics of the concerned athlete. Some of the positive effects they have on children are motivation and growing talents to become future professional sportsmen. On the other hand, some professional sportsmen may have negative impacts that would influence children to alcoholism and drug abuse. The impact of professional sports on children could be negative or positive depending on the individual interests of the child. Professional sportsmen are enthusiasts who persevere until they make it in the world of sports. Professional sportsmen such as Jackie Robinson the basketball star who is African American has always accrued their success to continued persistence even in the face of failure (Dadigan, 2016). Such are some of the things that children want to hear to set their life goals. Professional sports is, therefore, a motivating factor to most children doubt the goals they set. Professional sports are an active way of making children realize their talents and grow them. For instance, many children around the globe would like to be footballers. However much such children may have the ability, they need people who can help them build more on their talents. It is only through professional sports that such children may meet renowned footballers (Merkel, 2013). Moreover, most established athletes establish academies where they train children and the youth on the tactics needed to sharpen on to grow their talent. Professional sports are therefore an avenue for increasing skills among children. Regardless of the good side of professional sporting, it is undeniable that most professional athletes lead fancy lives that often have an inevitable negative impact on children. Children and youth love to learn matters such as fashion, entertainment and even general behaviors from celebrities. Celebrities in the entertainment sector and those in the sports sector are therefore quintessential in shaping the behaviors of children. Unfortunately, most athletes across the world seem to live in a manner that is not morally right (Freidman, 2013). Most of them tend to appear drunk on live interviews. Moreover, some also vividly encourage immoral behavior; an influence that squarely affects children. It is thus undeniable that professional spo...
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