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Event Communication (Essay Sample)


Event Communication


Event Communication
Event Communication
This TEP (Teenagers Educational Program) intensive camp is designed for teenagers to help them sharpen their communication skills, develop leadership skills, develop critical thinking, and build relationships.
Date of Emphasis
Camp Dates: April 5th 2021, through April 9th 2021, from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.
* Audience
* Teenagers
* Teachers
* Local Media
* Sponsors
Timeline for Pre-event communication
* Planning for the team-building event should start ten months before the event.
* Planning will comprise forming a planning team, defining roles, and having regular meetings at least once a month, increasing when the events come closer.
* Budgeting and recruiting should take the first few months of pre-event communication. It includes calculating expenditure costs and formulating charges, meeting facilitators, and planning which media will recruit teenagers. 
Use of Social Media
* Social media is essential in marketing the services offered and reaching many teenagers as most of them are active users, especially Facebook and Instagram.
* Facebook and Instagram will be used in displaying team building info on the page, pictures of planning stages to create excitement, and give links for booking when the event draws closer. 
Print, Radio, and Television
* Radio: contacting local stations for an interview opportunity to discuss the schedule, venue, and learning opportunities. 90% of parents commute to work while listening to the radio (Loechner, 2016). 
* Print: erecting billboard with an attractive picture, paying for newspapers and magazine publication, and putting flyers in schools with all the details such as contact information and events dates. 
* Television: will be used to complement radio advertising. 
Event Day Operation Such as Dealing with Emergency
* The first thing should be oriented so that they may get an overview of the place.
* All staff should know about crisis communica

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