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Hunger in Africa? (Essay Sample)


Create a Ted talk that can be fascinating/inspiring/persuasive similar to the talks given by speakers from the website, roughly 3-5 minutes speaking time.


Hunger in Africa?
Hunger in Africa?
Hallo Everyone.
Thank you for you time to listen to me in these five minutes. I promise that you will see the importance of good governance for food security. We all know that food is a basic need and lack of it leads to death. Have you ever asked yourself why the need for food relief in Africa has never ceased? Open any public website and you will see a picture of a child holding a bowl begging for food. My greatest concern is, when will hunger end in Africa?
Statistics tells that more than one million children in Africa die out of hunger (Hall, 2007). If one million children starve to death, approximately two million of the whole population dies of hunger. It is ironic that Africa has a fertile land, with prospects of abundant food but is always hungry. Does the government take any action to save their population? I would say no. Africa is among the most corrupt in the world, where the leaders mismanage the resources in the continent. If so, we question the role of international community in promoting fairness and well being of all citizens.
Let us review some facts about African land. Most of African countries have permanent water sources such as river Nile, Lake Victoria, river Limpopo and Okavango River. This means that is abundance of water. Secondly, countries like Kenya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Gabon are situated a...
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